Essential Oils

Essential Oils are potent and powerful.

Over time plants have developed their own powerful defenses.  These properties are contained within the essential oil and once extracted their anti-fungal, antiseptic, tonic and sedative qualities are now available to us.

In the right hands these potent tools can be of great use.  Think about how you feel when you smell the orange blossoms in bloom or the rose garden at the park.  Essential oils can have a direct affect on our mood and well being.


Plant and Flower Essences

Everything leaves an imprint and plants and flowers are no exception.

The essence or life force of a plant is used in alternative treatments to evoke and strengthen specific qualities within our Self.

Have you ever walked into a garden and instantly begun to relax.  There is also recent studies showing how "forest bathing" provides benefits as well. Every plant and every flower provides us with it's own unique qualities.

Nature at it's best.

Surrounding us, inspiring us and helping us to heal.  They're not just for humans either.  Animals benefit just as much as us humans.


How I can help

Through our initial consultation, I will gain insight on how these wonderful gifts of nature will help you.